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Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Tukuma reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

It was supposed to be a gathering of 7 Tukums 2. secondary school students however as I walked into the room we were greeted by 3 astonishing smiles by some gorgeous ladies. They were Sabīne, Sintija and Līga lightning up the room with their positive mood.

Their charming chair Aleksandrs and the helpful president of the session Martiņš were those people that took the girls through teambuilding and committee work. One thing I want to mention, not only they worked together really impressive, but they looked fantastic together in the photos! Great team, yeah?

Being very loud during teambuilding time girls performed lots of bananas (performed not ate) and joined CULT I for some fun energizers. And it seemed that the girls were more interested in the David Hasselhof move than the toaster, I wonder why…But they weren’t shouting crazy all time, because a new ‘’member’’ joined room 31. You guessed it – the one and only DJ SAM! He helped helped me to know the wonderful ladies a bit better.

Did you know that Līga is the person, who likes to sleep a bit longer, so she missed the school trip? I hope she voted in favor of the “additional 2:15 h of sleep” at the beginning of the General Assembly. In addition, she has a big dream, to go study in LU law or economics. Well, she has only a little bit more than one year to prepare well. And we know that the EYP spirit a.k.a. The Force will help her all the way.

Sintija with no fear shared with her best memories. She has danced folk dances for about 15 years, so you guys know which girl is the one to invite for crazy night parties with lots of dancing. Last summer she went to Turkey for a week with all the dancers. Maybe this year she will go with some EYP friends, who knows. However, she wasn’t in the typical places, where it is crowded with tourist. She went to a small city .Inhabitants were surprised to see tourist in such a quiet place. Interesting is to mention, that she hiked in mountains. In summer?!?

Sabīne told me an interesting story about her exam in music school. She plays the piano for a very long time, but still doesn’t know the notes by heart. She was a bit nervous, so made a little pause between playing. However, all went really good, she remembered them and showed her best and thankfully got her reward.

I have to admit, that the GA was the time to abolish the stereotype about blondes. A mighty attack speech and many questions in open debate by Sintija certainly left no questions about her cleverness. Well put girl! Her other two brunette accomplices Sabīne and Līga didn’t want to be left in the shadow of the blond and stepped forward with mind dazzling debating.

I hope to see you the ITRE-always-smiling girls in the next session so pack your bags and lets meet in Valmiera this summer (a hot, hot summer).

Your lovely journos Anna un Žeņa