CULT III – Making the Word a Better Place

Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Tukuma reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

Delegates-Madara Gedrovica, Madara Valberga, Mara Osina, Marta Vilka, Iveta Stelpa, Krisjanis Rerihs, Arturs Himics, Liva Zdora, Kristaps Felzenbergs

Helpful, smiling not scared or confused, ready to face the challenge- CULT III is ready to rock the floor!

EJP Tukums - CULT IIIGetting to know each other-that was fun. Forgetting to add the actions to some of the team mates but after first seconds we realised that even guys can dance, however forgetting the age of the team mates-girls and making them blush after every single word :-) (Kristaps wink, wink).Committee was not even scared to challenge their chair, Andris, to reveal his laziness. Ohhhh, what a brave youngsters! Fun was officially their priority, which is fantastic-nothing happens without laughing and telling jokes. Still the wave of laughs came as Kristaps mentioned his addiction of spending his time on the beach (guess why :-) )!

Arturs: EYP can be connected with stories about monkeys, cars, which is cool. Meeting new people, getting to know different interests is great.
Liva: I’ll kill you!
Arturs: You see, I told you! :-)

After the first hour of working with the committee, Andris was already getting proud of his team. CULT III decided-let’s not waste our time, let’s start working.

Generous ideas appeared during the GA. Team was sure that voluntary work helps everyone to be a better person making our world a better place (EYP style, isn’t it? :-) ).

Smile found everyone after realizing that the attack speech given by ITRE was basically a support for NGO in order to develop youth experience :-) . Getting an extra minute to write down some questions encouraged CULT III to make a discussion about their topic wider and wider. Trying to deal with the questions, helping each other, team gains an interest to defend their opinion. Sum-up speech given by Liva put an excellent point to the work done while preparing. Moreover committee’s French knowledge totally helped not to lose their spirit even after the votes against the resolution. Optimism is the key, don’t forget it :-) !

CULT III made it, congrats guys!