Culture and Education I

Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Tukuma reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.… Go! Let the session begin! The day is sunny and perfect to feel really good. But at the beginning I saw four girls with a bit nervous faces that were in the Committee on Culture and Education. Fresh and anxious – and blissfully unaware of teambuilding. But every girl was enthusiastic about the games and no one stood aside, they all were as one. The one hour of action packed madness and a bit embarrassing fun is always an extremely bizarre experience for anyone who is new to EYP. But we need to remember, that teambuilding is essential to EYP because it brings together all the people before work and heavy stuff in Committee work. And yeah, silliness and singing were perfect interludes during the day even in General Assembly.

With the help of the crazy vice-president Aksels and the lovely chair Signe girls managed to add some new stuff to the game ‘’toaster, mixer and elephant‘’ which in my opinion must be included in official teambuilding booklet. And by the way, Evija, Gunta un Baiba and Ieva are the best partners if you want to form some bananas. Believe me, they are great.
After the teambuilding CULT I remained energetic to the very end of the day. And now applause – the aim to build a good atmosphere was well accomplished.

But the time passed quickly and the fun part came to an end. Now ir was time for some serious matters – committee work. I must say that this committee was organized and had fulfilled the home task. Speeches were ready and girls spent the time improving their skill. Mind tricky questions, some points of info were made up to confuse and provoke other committees. Good job, girls and now to GA!

The General Assembly is the challenge everyone has to face to prove themselves. This is the part of session where you need to be as loud as you can. The goal is to be very active in the open debate, but the lack of preparation for the other topics can wreck your speech. But one thing I must say, girls had prepared good questions and weren’t scared to query. They even had an attack speech, which wasn’t really fulfilled with attacks, but support to AFCO. Perhaps they had built some kind of alliance together with this committee.

CULT I was the last committee on the agenda and ended the GA with some nice debates that concluded the first regional session. But voting was strict, and the resolution didn’t pass. As we can see, other delegates don’t want to support press freedom, including the joyful EYP journo team. But that’s alright, our articles still rock! In my opinion, girls had won being brave, active and open-minded. I hope to see you in National session in Valmiera.

Your proud jorno Anna.