Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Tukuma reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

Some funny moments created by honorable officials.

Waking up at 6 o’clock, wasn’t an easy thing to do, but if even Elina could, that means it is the day of EYP session :-) Train turned out to be such a training, while writing a mock resolution, all the muscles in the official’ s stomach worked properly! No one dedicated significant minutes for a beauty sleep which gave us an extra 2 hours for preparation :-)

Even the strongly blowing wind, stairs and feeling that we are in the Antarctica couldn’t stop us heading towards the mission-be welcome determination :-). Realizing that the school still has the central heating, some of us sighed with a relief.

Waiting the delis we started to stress out a bit, but as the foreign language was heard, all of us knew, it’s time to act! Feeling weird, but minute after minute we were storing up with positive emotions. Pile of work done in some hours makes me believe that we surely can be a superhuman (for a change :-) )!

GA started with a huge silence, but after the first committee warmed up the delis and officials, apparently the activity started to rise. Coffee break was a paradise, as usual. As well as the games played during the GA, to keep us all online :-) Funky chicken seemed as the funniest one. Britney Spears, Merlin Monroe and every other celebrity is always welcome.

After the second coffee break, honorable board was even smiling-well thanks guys, that was awesome :-) . It gave delis the inspiration to sum up their effort!

During the Tellus presentation some of the smiley faces became a bit sad, knowing that the wonderful day is coming to its end, while some of the faces were smiling wider, knowing that another sessions are yet to come :-).

Going back to Riga…well any commentaries for this :-)?

The Orgas, even the guys who called themselves labourer :-), which they weren’t, did a fantastic job, everything was perfect.

Mission completed! Stunning! Wonderful, valuable memories that will never leave us!

Elina Feldmane chair AFCO
Don’t think in a frame! HaHaHa :-)

Tate is small and comfortable; use even 5 Tates to fill the space in the back of your car!

Akselp CULT I
Bapa Luma