Agriculture and Rural Development

Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Tukuma reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

After the chilly yet sunny morning teambuilding, the AGRI’s moved on to the classroom (not to study of course) to play the ‘ Name Game’. The folded paper kept swooshing round and round because this 2 school based committee got to know each other pretty well! Long live the AGRI spirit!

Who would have known that Evija, the charming little light-haired girls, is a football fan? Watch out Ronaldo, because if she’s as good on the field as a team-player, we will be hearing from a new star soon! The human knot game was no challenge for this attractive girl rich team, because they solved the task silent and blindfolded or not in a record time – under 30 seconds!

No more fun and games well at least games, because it was time for Committee Work. Eva had already prepared a powerful defense speech and Renate was the first one to step up and say ‘I want to do that in the GA!’ And that was the spirit I mentioned before, pure stardom. Little initial shyness was in the air, but c’mon guys like who wasn’t nervous before their first time, ah? Although I have to admit, I believed in you and you never let me down. Hurray for the AGRI’s!

After hard work it was finally time for the General Assembly (GA). Nobody knew what to expect, so the best expectations were set up and from what I saw, they didn’t let any of the delegates unsatisfied. Monta’s and Aiga’s clever and tricky questions left the opposing committees uneasy and some might even say their chairs started to shiver. And they should have, because even the committee’s presentation of votes was so full of energy that left the others wondering “Wow, can I get some of that AGRI’s spirit to take home?” Birzgales secondary school teacher was as excited as the delegates themselves and during the break cheered the committee up! And combine that with coffee and other tasty snacks that the orga’s prepared it was rocket fuel for the team. The AGRI sign didn’t go down at all!

The resolution was passed and everyone had the chance to speak up, no fun was left out and catchy teambuilding songs still kept on repeating only this time inside every ‘delis’ head. The pictures of stress and joy will always make you, the committee on agriculture, remember this glorious day you came into the EYP. Next chapter would be in summer during the National session in Valmiera, so be ready and remember to NOT HOLD BACK!