AFCO – the Future Committee

Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Tukuma reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

Delegates-Karlis Aispurs, Santa Nekrasova, Diana Lauska, Laura Studente

The future is ours,
We work many hours,
To make it better
So let’s just settle!!!!

A bit scared, but confident to acquire the resolution and the GA procedure during the committee work, it’s the fabolous AFCO team!

EJP Tukums - AFCOTeambuilding started with an impressive activity despite the fact, that there were only 4 delis in the committee. Elina’s encouraging shouts-BALANCE, STRAIGHT FINGERS, IN LINE, CONCENTRATE, YOU CAN DO IT-I KNOW YOU CAN, the team played the magic stick(I’m a love doctor :-) ) game, trying to lift up and pull down the drum stick, relying to each other. After playing some games, inventing a quote for the committee and feeling more and more interested in the process of teambuilding, because of the lack of time, team had to move forward to committee work.

Committee work took an hour and delis immediately started to discuss the political experience for people at the age of 16, mentioning very useful facts about the influence of elder people as well as the lack of knowledge in the field of politics among young people. Karlis was the first, brave volunteer for the defense speech and debates, encouraging Laura, Diana and Santa to involve, which was great! Team successfully came to a conclusion that youngster vote may not be objective enough, basing to their interests and comprehension of the issues connecting the EU. Which might be true, knowing how much fun being young and not responsible is! Maybe there is no need to hurry :-)

Having only 3 minutes left team was trying to catch up the information summing everything up-they did such a great job, I was impressed guys!

GA turned out to be more fun, didn’t it? Excellent defense speech presented by Karlis continued with the attack speech by CULT III and a brilliant support by CULT I. The open debate was very fruitful (even the board was getting excited :-) ) and AFCO answers were confident, despite of the amount of questions (seemed that the second coffee break made us all more lively :-) ). However the right-left ear listening ,suggested by our wonderful vice-president, helped the committee to gather their thought, thanks a lot Andrew Ash :-)

During the sum-up speech team did their best to answer all the questions asked before, while they were a bit confused. Excellent it was such a pass :-) !

Well done team, we are proud of your fantastic activity!