Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Rīgas reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

April 9, 2009. Remember this day as it will now go down into history thanks to the marvellous youth that made it an unforgettable one. On this day the First regional session in Riga was held to give a compressed insight into the various activities that the national sessions include and to rouse interest in the diverse world of non-formal education. Moreover, I dare to say, ‘Tellus’ managed it all right! ^_^

The Big Day began with a Big disappointment in the Weather Man, as he challenged our spirits sending cold wind and 70 C, nevertheless our optimistic souls were a tough nut to crack and he failed. In your face, Man!

Now, you are probably very eager to know, how we succeeded doing that. Well, then let me first give all the best regards to our classy President of the session – Mr. Dambergs and the skilled team of Miss superb-Head organizer Liene Skrodere, as they were the ones that encouraged us to put aside all the moroseness of the morning and finally wake up to start a day full of exciting discoveries! (I believe the guests of Hotel ‘Rīdzene’ had some fascinating discoveries as well – youngsters of Latvia HAVE NO LIFE ‘cause they perform cultic activities shouting weird stuff and riding imaginary ponies. Whoa! ) During the joint teambuilding we were encouraged to follow the process of development of mankind, panting out amoeba sounds and scratching our armpits, join the charming chairs for a Zulu dance and let the whole world know that Latvians have awakened to bring changes to the world. Yes – Majinga.

Enough for the outdoor things; let us move further into Room 219, where the headquarters of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) was. To tell the truth, the room per se is nothing. The people matter. And we had Great people. Nobody was crying in the corner but all with smiles playing on their lips ready to join in whatever might come.

One of the first to announce that was attractive Linda, who informed everyone, that smiling was her favourite hobby. In the continuation of teambuilding our charming chairs Liva Kreislere and Mr.President suggested mentioning unusual things that one can do with a Barbie. Here the violin master Reinis proved to be a naughty boy, as he proposed undressing her. Ka-tch! As a matter of fact we could have actually formed an ITRE band where Reinis could enjoy himself sawing the violin, Olga could give some tune on the piano and Didzis delight us with guitar accords. Oh, and perhaps then Liva and Igors could unite in a friendly tennis set, in the rythm of music, of course. Lovely, huh?

During the serious Committee work all jokes had gone, business is business, ITRE knows that. The delegates had actually done a good job preparing their speeches for the General Assembly. Madara (the girl with the haircut I loved) though a seemingly artistic and calm person, had the guts to go and present the important Defense speech. Our team of support, I must add, quite an athletic one, had an extremely significant role in the passage of our resolution as well. Einārs outplayed the questions with his dribble manoeuvres he had learnt in the basketball trainings, Justīne (you don’t want to race her in swimming)however simply drowned the lack of knowledge of her fellow delegates, in the same time Kristīne gallantly moved her hips to shoo the undesirable questions away, as she, you know, is a brilliant dancer.

Oh, how could we possibly forget our Observer (Didzis, let’s buy him a watch to observe) who shouldered the answering to questions in Open debate rounds. And last, but not least, Kārlis. Do you know what his favourite hobby is? Fishing! And guess what – ITRE got the highest number of ‘For’ votes, ‘cause he is a Professional! ;)

Nonetheless, this united committee did not only do well with its resolution, but it also joined in in active debating on other serious issues expressing its views and position. The information from reliable sources proves that ITRE was a challenge for everyone! Nice job!

Although it was just one day I saw some e-mails being exchanged, so it seems this wonderful session has also made it possible for like-minded fellows to meet each other. That, I strongly believe, warms the heart of everyone whether an organizer, chair or journo!

Pff, anyway, who cares about foreigners if we have such great delegates! Upgrade your groovy personalities and hope to see you soon in Valmiera! Who knows, we might even have an international pony-race… *wink*

Your loyal cheerleader