Culture and Education III

Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Rīgas reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

Chairs: Marta Tomase, Andris Šuvajevs
Delegates from Riga secondary school Nr.2: Elga Empele, Agnese Pūre, Mārtiņš Otikovs, Gundija Zandersona Jana Peskova

As I enter the room five stunning smiles appear. Our delegates are excited and a little scared too. First session is probably the most important, because it makes the impression about the EYP spirit. Some spare time before teambuilding is used to find out what or WHO exactly DJ SAM is. It is a mystery for everyone (at first). As the lovely committee chair Marta explains what each letter stands for, girls burst into laughs. DJ SAM was used to attract the delegates from secondary school. You could see a little spark of disappointment in girl’s eyes, but during the committee work Agnese is already making jokes about it.

Despite the cold and windy weather, the day has started off with laughter and smiles on our faces. Unfortunately, one committee did not show up, but that did not hold back our teambuilding fun. Teambuilding started off outside with all the delegates and officials, but afterwards CULT III continued with a game to find out how could they surprise themselves. It turned out that Mārtiņš would surprise himself by bungee jumping, Jana by singing in front of a huge crowd (although she says she can not sing), Agnese does not know how she could surprise herself, cause she is already crazy (what she proofed all day long), Gundija by becoming a pilot and Elga would surprise herself if she would get the first pace in the Olympics in horse-back ridding (by the way- that is not what she mentioned first, but we will keep it a secret). But did you know that (again) CULT III lovely chair Marta can not imagine herself dancing striptease on a car?! Ok, to be serious, she would surprise herself by running the marathon. And last but not least, always ready to help and positive chair and VICE-President Andris would surprise himself by taking the risk of skydiving.

Moving on!! Have you ever played the drunken bottle!? Can you remember the feelings you had, standing in the middle of the circle with your eyes closed and simply trusting your team?! I do not know about you, but Elga felt like nobody wants her (and again, the room is filled with laughter)!

Team building is always fun, but the committee also made a conclusion form a game, that everybody has its own opinion, that needs to be accepted. Time to start the committee work. Hey, guys! Did you know that “Cosmopolitan” is the safest place to protect your resolution or other important documents from getting all wrinkled up!? Stick close to Agnese- I am sure she could give you some good pointers!

During committee work, Andris and Marta helped the delegates to get on the right track with their speeches. In the beginning of GA delegates seemed a little worried, but then again- who would not be!? The CULT III delegates have the courage to speak up. A crazy energizer between the resolutions cleared the pressure made by the General Assembly, to help the delegates release their mind for new questions, attacks. And it helps, because CULT III questions are great. But the most important thing- everyone takes place in proposing questions.

And finally- it is time for CULT III. Lots of questions from other committees need to be answered, but the delegates have no problems doing that.

Tell me what’s you flavor,
We are all in favor!!

I’m proud to present, that with 23 in favor, 9 against and a few abstentions, the resolution has passed!

I do not think that GA has ever been this much fun. Maybe it is so, because the honorable board made a little mistake by announcing the CULT III chair Marta as MISTER Marta or because I had never heard the session President asking the delegate to use a keyword or a codeword instead, of lets say- inappropriate word! J And remember- I see and hear everything, for example- I overheard a conversation between CULT III chair Andris and delegate Elga, who was asking Andris about his plans for the evening and so on- seemed like Elga did not waste her time at all. BUT at the end turned out that they are old friends. Now you see how easy gossip can be made.

Remember that this is only the beginning, a great start to find strength and courage to speak up and improve yourself. Now it is all up to you whether to join the EYP family or not . Hope you had an incredible day and EYP has already taken a little piece of your heart. See you in LNC this summer in Valmiera.

Your journo,