Culture and Education I

Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Rīgas reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

-What’s GA?
-I’m not quite sure but it definitely starts with „G”.

Such was the encouraging and brave answer from the lovely delegates of CULT I soon after emerging from the whirling and whooping waters of teambuilding.

After the victorious team of eight had evolved from mere amoebas into superhumans they were airdropped into a swamp and only the bright eyes of girls together with the musical alphabet showed them the way out. This way however lead them right into the middle of the stormy sea of imagination. In a boat built of dreams, under a sail of visions they proceeded with their minds full of strange but gripping stories, like Krists, who surprised us with a saga about David Hasselhof’s ears full of junk. Where did it come from? No one except him knew. Another one taking us far away, a story of a gold seeker warned by an angel in his sleep was brought to us by Ritvars. Moving on in the waters of fantasy, it was the girls’ turn to unleash their stream of improvised storytelling with Maija’s trip to America, a simple but symbolic piece by Jana – when you can’t get the book you want, you can always get a pair of earrings – the world is always full of alternatives. Elīna (did you know her nickname is Disco?) did not hesitate to bring us to her home on the wings of her eloquence and make us a part of her daydream only to find herself mixed up in whirlpool of psychedelic visions lively described by Alīna. The vessel reached the mainland of EYP to an intriguing note of Agnese’s fable how one can just imagine a snake in a bottle when getting a real one is not an option (since, apparently, every one of them has already evolved).

As if the soil on the newly reached coast were hostile, there was no gasp of air to spare – everyone was just totally running their feet off like a cavalry squad. No one yet was dry from the emotions which overflowed them after the imagination game and found themselves quite stunned by the dry wind of… yes, you’re right – of the COMMITEE WORK! Jokes aside, the long feared moment came banging on the door. The answer to the questions by our lovely chair Ieva „Have you read the resolutions and prepared speeches?” was an unsure, suble and a rather fearful nod (and a few hums). However, engines already heated, the work soon started to get as productive as it gets in EYP sessions. The most precious speck of time is of course the last five minutes before the coffee break. The ground was burning under their feet and so was the paper under their pens.

Thanks to our great delegates and both hard-working chairs Ieva and Andris the committee was firm on their feet , starting with the first point made by Maija in the first minutes of the first debate and ending with decisive answers to debate questions by Ritvars and the sum-up speech by Krists which drew a conclusion to the debate and came close to drawing a conclusion to the whole session.

Time flew and it wasn’t long before the last farewell was said. I don’t know how to describe the time spent with my sweet CULT I but I can sure tell this was not enough. I sacredly hope to see the same smiling faces In Valmiera this summer so unconquered mountains can be conquered and dormant parts of our personalities awoken.