Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Rīgas reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

The first impression that the delis had was how to turn into a superhuman in an instant. Did they like it? Hope so, because we were about to turn these 3 youngsters into fun loving positively motivated pro EYPers! I’ve got to admit the committee on Agriculture was lucky and I mean 3 guys could work with two stunning and gorgeous girls – their chairs Ieva and Elīna. As I met Iļja, Vladimir and Simon I saw confidence in their eyes and I knew that the General Assembly was no problem of whatsoever. Another delegate appeared out of the blue and you guessed it – DJ SAM! He helped to find out that Simon is a karate master (hiiiiih-ya!). Think they’re scared, punks?

The next task was to come up with 70 ways of using the piano. The manual says that you should only play it, well AGRI thinks it’s wrong because who wouldn’t love to have at home a totally pimped out piano? Bling-blingy with chrome on top – that’s the only way that this committee is rollin. Some other crazy ideas were to send it to Mars and have a concert there, probably, to show the Martians how to get down EYP style.

As all good things even this one had to end and I mean the team-building games because it was time for some Committee work. Instantly AGRI jumped into a discussion about the Common Agriculture Policy and it was concluded that its continuation is very advisable. Vladimir showed his determination when it was time to divide divide the speeches. Talk about commitment on the first day – magnificent! At no time did these three cool guys hesitate – all was done fluently and flawless. If I took a picture of their contribution it would picture perfect.

The GA started with a denial of the “beauty-sleep” agenda, meaning AGRI were not scared of the all-mighty Chuck Norris – way the go! The whole procedure was marvelous – 3 attack speeches during 5 committees in total! That’s impressive to say the least. Iļja couldn’t stop getting attention from the ladies because of his pure British accent together with charms and confidence. Tons of questions and smiles and never ending passion – that’s you can recognize these Jurmalanians (I just came up with a new word, now where’s my cookie?) If I had one word to describe the GA it would be “YEAH” because it’s all we’re about.

These self-motivated active now EYPers definitely left a mark in the history of the European Youth Parliament by presenting an immaculate presentation of speech and skill and of course not forgetting to have fun at the same time. I think that a job well done and a round of applause and praise for You – you earned it! Hope that faith will cross our paths in the near future and we’ll get to se you Iļja, Vlad and Simon real soon to have fun and to worry for fame and glory.

Be one with the piano EYP