Constitutional Affairs I

Raksts sagatavots Eiropas Jauniešu parlamenta Rīgas reģionālās sesijas ietvaros.

Ladies and gentlemen, what can be more delightful, than to spend a day in a lovely company of new people, challenging yourself through the EYP stuff? Even the cloudy day couldn’t prevent smiling youngsters from activities.

How do you think, which committee am I talking about?


7 concerned faces greeted me while entering the room 214, where the fresh ideas arose, during the teambuilding and committee work. Believe it or not, face expressions succeeded with an enjoyable smile, while playing „Here we go with a big fat pony” with all the others outside. And guess why? Because our enthusiastic chair, Liva, had already showed the game to the committee, they knew the movements! Beat that!

Moreover, guys from Gulbene, who actually know each other quite good, didn’t refuse to introduce themselves to each other once more. AFCO – Kaspars, Janis, Edgars, Valdis, Anita, Marta and Kaspars K, such an athletic, musical and creative committee! You should have seen, they couldn’t move towardsto the serious part of the day, they made fun, jokes and even 2 Olympic rings while playing the “Human not”. I can’t skip “Sinking ship”- 7 poor celebrities trying to rescue each other. We had the Pope, Queen Elizabeth, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, Putin, Sarkozy. You are desperate to know who will be saved? Discussions were intriguing and causing compassion:

Kaspars K.: You can’t sacrifice me, my legs are broken, I am old, and I am the head of the world, while Sarkozy is just president of France…

Liva… spending most of his time with Carla Bruni!

Edgars: Well guys, if you save me, I will provide Europe with gas further on, at the same time I can propose English being national language of Russia!

Eager struggle for a place on a boat justified with a certain position. Committee runs into the sense of the debates-EXCELLENT!

The time for the committee work arrived and AFCO pleasantly took resolutions, as well as the prepared speeches, out of their bags, Liva’s smile was charming! Little GA simulation helped the committee a lot, and the confusion was immediately chased away with “Banana game”.

Heading towards The GA wasn’t an easy thing to do, knowing that guys were first to speak, but c’mon, who can stop these smiling daydreamers? Resolution passed as well as the debates were filled with questions from the joyful committee. They succeeded no doubt for that!

See you soon guys!