Piesakies LNC 2014 – termiņš šovakar!

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Ja vēlies šovasar braukt uz Siguldu, lai šī gada nacionālajā sesijā piedalītos kā viceprezidents, redaktors vai komitejas vadītājs, tava iespēja pieteikties tuvojās beigām.

Pieteikumi vēl tiek gaidīti līdz 11. maija 00:59 pēc Latvijas laika.

Nogrāb savu pieteikumu šeit un aizpildītu sūti uz lnc14@tellus.lv. Gaidīsim!

Kā jau minēts, nacionālā sesija notiks Siguldā no 11. līdz 16. augustam, ieskaitot oficiāļu treniņu dienu pirms sesijas.

Ja vēl neesi pārliecināts, atļauj Andra uzrunai visiem kandidātiem sevi iedvesmot!


Dear EYPers,

It is with intense determination that I have agreed to the kind invitation to preside the 12th National
Selection of EYP Latvia. In a country where I was born and began my EYP activities seven years ago, I
will be able to conclude what has been an enviable journey. Thus, it is your opportunity to work with
me one last time, in a session in which I hope to be able to pull together all that I have learned and
seen others learn over the years.

The key aspect of the selection will be to look for individuals that altogether constitute a diverse
team, with a variety of personalities. I am a strong believer in the intersubjective learning and have
seen its fertile ground among the opposites. I am not only looking for the most talented and flamboyant, but also the most humble, the most creative and the most practical and I want to top it
up with individuals who are least flamboyant, but can offer an insight in the invisible. The factor of
knowing me personally will virtually play no role in the selection, therefore I encourage all – the
young and the old, the bold and the beautiful – to apply.

What I can offer is an event in which the environment is sculpted in such a way to provide space and
resources for learning. EYP is an organisation for those wishing to learn and I am ready to bring to the table a distinct way and taste of learning to be a chair. The session calls upon us to educate differently and it will be my priority to help you understand and realise the way you can teach others to learn. In return, I will ask uncompromising commitment and work ethic that will make mine blush.

Furthermore, the editors of Sigulda’14 need to be ready to revise their notions of EYP media teams.
In fact it may be so, that the name ‘media team’ becomes irrelevant. The leadership of the ‘third team’ will need to be concerned with the question of ‘how do I raise the general level of knowledge among
the session participants?’ It will not be a media team for the sake of having a media team – this group
of people will serve a very concrete purpose – to engage the participants in different ways of learning
and make everyone a little smarter. We shall treat the conventional media forms as one means
among the many and I am already excited to hear what you have to say.

I look forward to seeing and reading your applications! If you have any questions/uncertainties
please feel free to email me at andris@tellus.lv or call +44 (0) 77 6352 4488