Kurzemes-Zemgales reģionālā sesija 2011

EYP Latvia gladly announces the call for officials to the 9th Regional Session of EYP Latvia – KurzemeZemgale’11 in Kuldīga, a beautiful, historic town in the Western part of Latvia. The session will be presided by the fabulous Ms. Masoumeh Moridian. It will take place between 27th and 29th October. The Team of Officials are expected to arrive in Riga on 26th October before 11.00 for CJO teambuilding, which will take place both in Riga and Kuldīga.
The session is going to gather 60-70 delegates, mostly from the Zemgale and Kurzeme regions, though also looking forward to welcome international delegates, as well as delegates from other regions of Latvia. During the three days of the session, they will experience the basic parts of an EYP session – Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly. One of the traditional events of a session Euroconcert – is also going to be included in the program, however (also) leaving a place for new and innovative events.
The full information sheet is available here.
Application form for journalists can be found here, and for chairpersons here.